December's Not So Good So Far  

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Hello friends, sorry I have been so quiet lately. My gram, (dad's mom) is dying. She was okay but got pneumonia - and well, her heart hasn't been in the best condition - more specifically, the valves surrounding her heart. Anyway, the pneumonia basically did her in. At 88, the doctors feel she is too old for any type of heart surgery so there is nothing that can be done. She was on oxygen at the hospital but that was it, so no reason to keep her.

She went home with my Aunt Sandy (she's lived there for years) and is on oxygen there. Now, my aunt has her hands full because my uncle recently had his leg amputated, so she has been taking care of him. Even though she has had several types of Physical Therapist Jobs, this has really just been a bit too much for her. I went to see my gram on Saturday - most of the family was there. Hospice had been called in. She is resting but is in pain so morphine is being administered. On Saturday, she was alert and gave the Witchlets hugs - it was sooo sad :(  Yesterday my dad said she isn't eating and not as alert. We're all just waiting now.....

Dad and Grammy

On top of this, an Internet friend of mine, whom I met on a Disney forum, was taken off of life support last night. She was in Disney in October when she began having stomach issues. Upon arriving home she went to the doctor and a gastroenterologist - found out she had stage 4 anaplastic lymphoma. Her kidneys started shutting down and she went into cardiac arrest during dialysis. Then things began to brighten and she was coming around a bit-doctors were preparing to give her chemotherapy but suddenly she took a turn for the worst. Her father and fiance decided to take her off of life support.

Heather and Gene in WDW in Oct. 2011

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