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We are at my husband's family's house in Ohio right now. It's been a crazy 2 weeks leading up to this trip. We had to get the Honda up to snuff, tire rotation, oil change, etc. before this 8 hour drive. I even looked into auto estimating just in case, but we got here with no incidents :)

CJ's mom has a tank full of insects and such, (they are dead) the Witchlets call it a 'treasure chest' - Olivia took a picture:

We will be here until tomorrow. NO black Friday shopping for me! I am waiting until Cyber Monday so I can shop online. If you're going to do the same, I have some coupon codes for:

Lauren Klein Jewelry - I LOVE her stuff

Baby Stuff Gifts - Awesome personalized baby gifts here and lots of holiday items

Music and Books 4 Kids - I already got a personalized CD for Wyatt through this site. He LOVE it - you can see a video here: Sing-a-Long with Mickey

If you want any coupon codes for any of these sites, let me know, just leave me a comment :)

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