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If you have children, do they meditate? Olivia does once in a while - well, she tries to, but she still has a bit of a problem concentrating. She also loves doing yoga stretches, which is another way she relaxes. She has even asked me to get her yoga dvds for her birthday.

I came across the book "Sensational Meditation for Children - Child-friendly Meditation Techniques based on the Five Senses" by Sarah Wood Vallely. She also wrote a book called "The Magic Gum Tree - A Children's Fantasy Story about Meditation" Has anyone ever read either books? Would love opinions.

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I tried to get DD to meditate one time. She couldn't sit still long enough so we just left it for later. When she is a teen or young adult she may have more success.

February 19, 2012 at 12:31 PM

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