Mercury in Retrograde for 2012  

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As many of you know, about three times every year for around three weeks at a time, Mercury, the planet of communication turns retrograde. I noticed that when Mercury is retrograde, time feels like it's standing still. I already know it's not a good time to venture into unknown areas or take risks and I always prepare for delays or misunderstandings because well, it's going to happen!

I've been noticing (on Facebook usually, LOL) my friends/family members complaining about how all sorts of things are going wrong, people are fighting with loved ones, cars and computers are breaking down, etc....but I've just been keeping to myself. Things have been slow work wise for me on the freelancing end - I mean heck, I only had one article to complete this week, and it had to do with allergies in austin and where/how to get relief. I don't even live near austin...

All of a sudden, over the last 3-4 days, I have had an explosion of potential clients! I mean, it's HUGE and just what I desperately need! All have proposals or are waiting for proposals from me and I'm thinking, "but wait, Mercury is in retrograde and I know not to make any important changes because they might not materialize. Is the Universe playing a joke on me???!!!"

So I look at my trusty calendar and see the first Mercury retrograde is in March/April 2012 and is supposed to bring major events of challenge, transition and transformation. Then in July/August another Mercury retrograde, creating situations that branch out into many new directions. Finally, the November Mercury retrograde is said to give our goals as aspirations a deeper perspective.

Now I am wondering, should I wait until April 4, 2012 to finalize any work related agreements? Or, are we close enough to the end of the retrograde to start making these decisions? 

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