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You know, I really hate having to come up with titles for blog posts!!! Anyway, here's an update regarding the last 2 weeks.

  • We survived Hurricane Sandy. Living in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, I believe we got very lucky. Although I do know several nearby people who went days and days without power - we were only without power for a day and a half.
  • Went to parent/teacher conferences last week and all 3 of the Witchlets are doing well in school.
  • I got a stye in my eye (gross photo alert) I blame stress and poor diet. I noticed it last Thursday, it's looking and feeling much better today.
  • I'm still trying out new skin care products. This getting old thing is for the birds! I know, I know, I should embrace my inner Crone...So far, my favorite is Dermalogica skin care but skincare by SkinMedica is right up there with it.
  • I'm mentally preparing myself for the holidays...

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