Soul mates?  

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I completely believe in soul mates but not just in the *love* aspect.
I believe we have (possibly) more than one soul mate. There may be a very good friend, who may feel so close, like a bother or a sister to you. They may be your soul mate. Someone here in this life with you, for you and vice versa.

I am fortunate enough to actually have a soul mate who IS the love of my life. There is so much emotion when I think about him it's too much to even begin to describe at this very moment. Maybe I need more coffee to wake up? Then my writing skills might be up to par!

In any event, I just wanted to share the tattoo I got this month. His name is now tattooed on me and my name is tattooed on him. I know there's some unspoken rule about not getting anyone's name on you but (possibly) your child(ren)'s. We broke that rule and have no regrets.

Here's the tattoo; his name and an angry looking chaos dragon to go with it.

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