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Z started his new shift yesterday. It has ME all messed up I can't even imagine how he must feel.
He leaves for work at 2pm and is home by 2am. (hours are 2:30pm - 1:30am)
This is only 4 days a week. Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

I made our *big* meal yesterday and today at lunch time, that way he can take leftovers to work. It's supposed to be better to eat a bigger meal earlier in the day, right?
Well, I dunno if it's because I am eating more earlier, thus starting up my metabolism, or if I am just super bored but I could NOT stop snacking yesterday. I think the last time I shoved a food item in my mouth it was close to midnight!
I lost weight over the last few months and if I don't get a handle on whatever is making me think I need to eat all.the.time. I am going to gain it all back and then some!
The Witchlets were all in bed by 8pm last night and here I sat. Totally bored, LOL. I couldn't sleep either. I am going to HAVE to though, I can't wait up for him all the time because *I* have to get up at the freaking crack of dawn with the kid coven!

I'm giving the craziness a week, then I need some sort of routine!

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