The kids, the cat, the chaos!  

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Yes, I feel like this bunny looks! Oh, by the way, this bunny is the creation of an individual whom I think is very talented, The Incredible Ed, who has some awesome artwork on his blog.
So, this morning I am awoken by the sound of Olivia whining, "mommeeeee, I have to go potty! I need your help!"
Now, I told her that if, in the middle of the night, she has to use the bathroom, she should call for me and I'll help her out of bed since she is still getting used to getting in and out of this new bunk bed, especially in the dark. At 7:15 in the morning, it is NOT dark and I know damn well she can get in and out of this bed in broad daylight! So, I don't budge, I figure she'll get tired of whining and do it herself, after all, I hear her going up and sliding down all. day. long.
Nope, more whining. This time I hear, "oh please, somebody help meeeeee, please, I'm afraid to get down." *sigh* okay,, this is pathetic.
I go in her room, only to find her 1/2 way down the bunk bed steps anyway! Grrrrrrr. I KNEW she could do it!
Since I was up, I decide to stay up. Today was the first day I had to take the boys along while taking Livi to school. I had to leave them in the daycare part while I used the gym. Zyon worked last night and didn't get to bed until after 2am, I wasn't going to wake him. (how nice am I?)
I groggily go into the bathroom and well, I'm doing my thing when the cat comes around the corner, stops right in the doorway of the bathroom (still IN the hallway, on the carpet) and pukes up a huge pile of cat food. Normally, I would try and salvage the carpet by picking him up mid wretch and putting him in the bathroom since I can clean up that floor easier but well, umm, as I said, I was *doing my thing* in the bathroom, lol, so I got to watch the cat hack up his food. Niiiice...

Time to get the boys dressed so we can all have breakfast before leaving. That didn't go too bad.
For breakfast, I made waffles and cut up some fruit for everyone. Pretty good breakfast, right?
Oh no, today my kids decide they don't like fruit, so all I get through breakfast is complaining. I ignore the complaining because damn it, I KNOW those limit testers of mine like fruit.
I proceed to straighten up the living room while they finish eating. Suddenly I hear, *crash!* followed by "mommeeee, Dante broke his plate!"
Yep, sure did. Instead of putting it on the kitchen counter, like he does any other time, he decided to toss it in the sink and well, it broke. In pieces. In a million pieces. In my sink.
At this point, I have only been awake about 35 minutes...
The rest of the morning is a blur. Trying to get 3 kids ready to be out the door at a certain time is always a challenge.
I am finally sitting down to relax and get some computer work done. Here's to the rest of the day, a quiet, yea right!

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Don't you LOVE these kinds of mornings? LOL. There are days when I question my sanity:)

April 14, 2008 at 9:16 PM

Oh yeaaaaa, I love them so much! LOL

April 14, 2008 at 9:22 PM

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