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I recently blogged about the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Event that will be held in Stoudtburg Village in Adamstown, PA. There has been an uproar regarding this event, from some local shop owners. Recently I have come to find out that there are now going to actually be protesters at this event.


Apparently because of the grumbles of some shop owners in that area, this event became very well known and the Reading Pagans and Witches were contacted by a newspaper, local to that village and the reporter came to interview some of the group members and wrote two articles. One article was about the event and the other was about Paganism and the group in general. Soon after those articles went live, a Lancaster PA paper contacted the group's President, Jen, for an interview. Once those articles went live things seemed to spread like wildfire.

The Wicca expert on About.com posted about this, Witchvox picked up the articles as well. A few other sites also started picking it up and suddenly it wasn't just some shop owners protesting this event to a group who is actively calling on folks to hold vigils all week, this week, to fast for the week and to prepare for a day of proselytizing. Nice.

Witchvox Article 1

Witchvox Article 2

The link to the protesters being called to action:


The most interesting part of this whole thing? It's been rumored that a group of nuns may be making an appearance...of support!

If you're in the area and would like to support this event, come on out! Like Pagan Pride, this is NOT for Pagans only. Just come with an open mind and an open heart.

Thanks to my 'sister' Saffire for posting this information in her blog.

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