Blue Moon Tonight!  

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Okay everyone, hold onto your coattails, this is going to be (if it hasn't been already) a wild ride! Today is the second Full Moon for this month, also known as a 'Blue Moon' - but of course the Moon won't really appear blue in color.

In fact, the only time we might ever see an actual blue Moon is if there's been a recent volcanic eruption that poured significant ash into the upper atmosphere, then it is possible for the moon to take on a blue tint. That's not expected tonight.

Tonight's Full Moon is not only a Blue Moon but it also happens to be an Eclipsed Moon. Eclipses are extremely charged Full and New Moons extending the usual influence of approximately two weeks to up to six months! During an eclipse, there is usually an exuberant amount of tension in the air as the energy builds up to the eclipse itself. The days approaching an eclipse bring unexpected events or issues that can be disruptive and have long-term effects.

So let's look at this Blue Moon + eclipse. Hmmm, tension, anxiety, uncertainty all of this NOW - right between two already tense periods. It occurs right after the Christmas holiday which, for those who celebrate it, understand the stress involved with the holidays; and right before ringing in the New Year which brings its own personal baggage when looking back on the year.

Celestially speaking, the week itself begins with Venus (love, money, values) heating it up with Pluto (purging, transformation) and upsetting Saturn (obligations, reality), giving focus to the flaws within our relationships (with the self and/or others) and/or our finances.

On the day of the Full Moon (2:13 p.m. EST) and Eclipse (2:22 p.m.) at approximately 11 degrees, the Cancer-Moon seeks balance with both Venus and Pluto while in conflict with Saturn. Venus shows us what's not working in our relationships or with our finances; the Sun and Moon digest what's been illuminated. The Sun and Moon aligning with Pluto and Saturn add to the celestial pressure already lingering from early in the week.

With both Mercury and Mars in retrograde, the next few weeks bring more information that previously may not have been available to you and/or the path best taken may still be revealed. All that's required of you is patience and awareness.


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We're closing on both our sale and purchase of a new home during this retrograde so I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that they go off without a hitch as well as the hike up I95 through 4 states =-O

January 3, 2010 at 5:40 PM

I love when folks who know a great deal about astrology and astronomy give explanations, as I find i tall incredibly confusing. LOL

Happy 2010!

January 6, 2010 at 9:28 AM

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