Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival  

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Last year we were unable to attend the Celebrating Earth Spirituality Festival but this year we are going!

Last year there were protesters there and many regular shop owners in Stoudtburg Village, where the event was held (and is again this year) closed their shops because they did not want to be 'part' of such an event. Read about what happened last year: Celebrating Earth Spirituality Event - What Happened?

CJ was able to get the day off so he and I are going and we're taking the boys and Olivia. She is at Jeff's but we're picking her up to take her and Jeff will get get later. I am excited for a family day--it's such a beautiful day out and well, it's also 9/11; being with family is a must.

I am looking forward to going I am not looking forward to what may lie ahead...I am certainly hoping this year will not be a repeat of last year.

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