Job Spell--My Lesson Learned  

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A friend and I were talking about spells for specific purposes (well, there should always be a specific intent I suppose) but I mean, something more than a general health spell or job spell, etc.

Our discussion reminded me of a big mistake I made several years ago when doing a job spell. I wanted to leave the job I had and I had my heart set on a veterinary assistant job at the animal hospital close to my house. So I did a job spell for that particular job--and that was my mistake.

Instead of doing a general spell to help find a job, or even just focusing on a category like animal jobs, science jobs, or even animal science jobs, I went right for that exact job.

I got the job--and a huge headache. I only lasted at that place 11 months. The owner was a vet and he was awful. When he found out I was Pagan (I had a 'Witches heal' bumper sticker on my car) he would make me back into a parking space that was up against the building, so the bumper sticker wouldn't show--guess he thought it would scare away clients....He always yelled and screamed at me for stupid things, he berated and belittled me; well he did that to all of us (co-workers) and he was the reason 90% of employees left that place, me included.

The lesson: what you want is not always what is best for you (DUH!) and if you don't allow the Universe to hand you what you NEED you just might wind up with what you want...

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Wendy S.  

Oh, I"ve so been there, with a long ago past and the most dangerous kind of magick. I now know better not to focus on a specific person, wish, job, etc...but our egos want what our egos want and it's hard to let go of attachment to the outcome, isn't it? Thank you Lisa for sharing your experience and reminding me of what magick needs to be about instead of what we wish it was about. 8-)

September 5, 2010 at 1:42 PM
Witchy Mama  


September 6, 2010 at 7:51 PM

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