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I think this is the next phase I want to progress to; learning more about herbs. My mother in law studies natural medicine and is actually taking classes online. I looked into this as well. I found WaldenU.edu and so I took a closer look at Walden University's online degree programs and so far it has my interest piqued. Of course, I will definitely need to learn about Walden and all those other important aspects that go along with an online college.

Was wondering if any of you can recommend books or websites to get me started--just to become more familiar with the medicinal uses for herbs. I know lots of magickal aspects ;)

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I don't know about herbs myself so I can't recommend any links or books. But just wanted to say I think its awesome you want to explore medicinal Herbs and good luck!

August 27, 2011 at 10:38 AM

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