What To Do This Winter  

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With Samhain upon us it is only a matter of time before Old Man Winter is knocking. Do you have any plans for the Winter?

A friend of mine is considering furthering her education online with WaldenU.edu. Of course, this peaked my interest so I took a look at Walden University's online degree programs to learn more about Walden and what they have to offer.

I usually take the Winter time to work on my weight loss goals as well as getting my house in order - you know, domestic stuff. However, this Winter maybe a new goal should be my focus. My career kind of got stunted when I became a mom. I have been home since Olivia was born and although I managed to find work online and started my own small business, I feel there is always room for improvement.

Around here, the Winter drags. It starts around mid-November and lasts well into March; 4-5 months of feeling blah...online schooling might be just what I need to keep me from falling into a funk. I try to like Winter. I try to enjoy the cold weather, the ice storms, and the snow, but ugh, I just do not like it at all!

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I am getting my Masters in Nursing Informatics through Walden. I really like the flexibility in the course work and the level of knowledge the professors show. I say got for it!

October 20, 2011 at 9:32 PM

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