I Was Approached to Be in a Documentary About Modern Witches  

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Last evening I received an email asking me if I would like to be a part of a doumentary about modern witches. The email:

My name is Erica and I work for a Casting Company in NYC. We are doing a TV show about contemporary witches and i came across your blog and wanted to find out if you were interested in being apart of our show! It would be like a documentary series in the life of a modern witch. If you think you would be interested please send me a picture of yourself, some contact info, and a little excerpt about yourself.

So of course I asked which casting company and what is the name of the show?

My company is Magilla entertainment. This show does not yet have a tentative name but it's basically about modern witches living in today's society and it is an up and coming project with Discovery LLC.  We are not sure exactly when this show will start filming yet, probably after the summer but the date is not tentative. Also would you be able to make a little video of you and your family just so I can get to know you guys a bit better. Let me know if you are still interested!

Hmmmm, after doing some research and finding out that this is indeed NOT a scam, I began to ponder the bigger questions, such as, "do I really WANT to be on TV? Do I really WANT to involve my family in this? (especially the kids)" I got a short questionnaire to fill out AND they want a video of me and my family.

On one hand, it would be an excellent opportunity to shed some light on the subject.  On the other hand, what could the possible repercussions be???

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I was approached by the same person and like you I was skeptical but found out the company does exist. However I feel that it would bring the wrong kind of attention to myself and my blog. So I won't be doing it.

March 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I was asked as well... and was skeptical as to the validity. I am glad you posted this.

March 13, 2012 at 3:31 PM

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