I Want a Witchy Room Again  

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I used to have an entire room devoted to nothing but my altar and all my witchy books. The house I lived in had a spare room which was my 'witchy room' -- I wish I had pictures of that room. It had speakers set up for my meditation music and I had the perfect lighting too.

Now my altar is in my living room. It's not awful but I miss having an entire room dedicated to all my witchy things. I've been looking around this house and I realize I am bad when it comes to decorating, lol. I think part of my problem is I hate clutter and while statues and trinkets are not necessarily 'clutter' I still am not a fan of having all kids of things out. I would love to find some inexpensive cabinets to hang, then I'd have more storage and no noticeable 'clutter'.

Do you have a 'witchy' room?

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